Support U.S. Service Members and Oppose Mercenaries in Combat

Resolution Number BRG09.16

Support U.S. Service Members and Oppose Mercenaries in Combat

WHEREAS, private military contractors (mercenaries such as Blackwater/Xe Corporation) involved in combat have less training, are less accountable, and cost more than U.S. service members; and

WHEREAS, service members and veterans deserve to receive adequate financial compensation, educational assistance, re-entry counseling, health and disability benefits; and

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party can bring a policy perspective that has not been heard from the Republican Party and demonstrate true advocacy for our military service members and families;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that private military contractors, who are involved in combat, be banned from serving in U.S. military operations by the end of 2010; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the money saved by ending military contracts with private companies, who are involved in combat, shall be spent on increasing pay to U.S. service members, training service members in applicable job skills, providing complete G.I. Bill educational benefits, helping new veterans reintegrate into civilian life, improving the care provided in V.A. hospitals, and streamlining the V.A. application process.

Authored by Beth and Navid Ehsan, Mickey and Holly Foster,
Sal Magallanez, Mike Copass, and Dr. Michael McQuary
Adopted by San Diego Progressive Democrats of America-Metro Chapter
and the La Jolla Democratic Club

* * *

Adopted by the Executive Board
Of the California Democratic Party
At its Executive Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame
July 19, 2009

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