Support Same-Sex Couples in Their Right to Marry by Repealing Proposition 8

Resolution Number SAC 09.20A

Support Same-Sex Couples in Their Right to Marry by Repealing Proposition 8

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party, the California Senate and Assembly, Democratic County Central Committees and Democratic Clubs throughout California opposed Proposition 8, a ballot measure designed to eliminate the fundamental right of same-sex couples to marry, both before the November election and subsequent to Proposition 8’s passage; and

WHEREAS, the 2008 California Democratic Party Platform states that the CDP stands in “support of the LGBT Community in its quest for the right to legal marriage;” with 2010 providing the most opportune time both to maintain the momentum for marriage equality following the post-Proposition 8 public outcry and to ensure that the top of the Democratic ticket is unified in its support for marriage equality; and

WHEREAS, the constitutional questions and issues raised are now pending before the California Supreme Court, while during the same period the Iowa courts have determined that marriage laws shall be extended to same-sex couples;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party stands in solidarity with same-sex couples and their fight to retain the right to marry by joining with them in urging the voters of the State of California to repeal Proposition 8 within the next two years, should it be upheld by the Supreme Court; and

that the California Democratic Party send copies of this resolution to elected Democrats in the California State Legislature, the Chair of each Democratic County Central Committee in California and to media contacts to which the CDP sends periodic press releases.

Susie Shannon, John Cleary, Garry S. Shay (Authors); Los Angeles Stonewall Democratic Club;
Thomas Patrick O’Shaughnessy; Los Angeles County Democratic Party; (Partial List)

* * *

Adopted by the Democratic State Central Committee of California
AKA "California Democratic Party"
At its Annual State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center
April 26, 2009


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