June 28, 2009 Military Coup in Honduras

Resolution Number SD09.34

June 28, 2009 Military Coup in Honduras

WHEREAS, the AFL-CIO has expressed solidarity with union federations of Honduras in condemning the military coup that resulted in the illegal ouster of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya as an attack on the fundamental rights and liberties of the Honduran people, and has called upon the U.S. government to help achieve restitution of constitutional order and reinstatement of the democratically elected President; and

WHEREAS, the de facto government of Honduras has resisted international calls for such order, refuses to honor the San Jose Accord on national reconciliation, and continues to repress those who speak out against the coup, resulting in grave human and civil rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, in turn forcing the U.S. to suspend military and direct government aid to Honduras; and

WHEREAS, the harm suffered by trade unionists, human rights activists, journalists, community leaders and ordinary citizens as a result of severe political unrest and the violent dissolution of democracy is recognized as a condition that also harms neighboring countries in the form of mass migrations to alleviate human suffering, hate speech, and aggression at the hands of organized forces directed at specific groups of people because of race, class, social status, ethnicity, ethnic identity, national origin, language, culture or religion whether they exist internally in a state or are the result of foreign presence, should not be tolerated;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that in addition to current restrictions imposed on the illegitimate government of Roberto Micheletti, that the California Democratic Party, acting in solidarity with the AFL-CIO and the California Labor Federation, urges the Obama administration to remove its current ambassador to Honduras, revoke the U.S. visas for all of those responsible for the coup, freeze all accounts and assets of those individuals and organizations involved, and suspend trade with Honduras until President Zelaya is restored to his democratically elected office for the remainder of his term and human and trade union rights have been restored; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party commend President Obama for his insistence on the rule of law, restoration of constitutional government and support of the San Jose Accord as a roadmap for peace, and urges its Congressional delegation to call on the Obama administration to support trade policies that discourage predatory interests, to prevent harm to our brothers and sisters in Latin America and in turn, all Americans, and further, calls for the restoration of unbiased media sources.

Submitted by Karen Bernal and Bill Camp
Endorsed by Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee

* * *

Adopted by the Executive Board
Of the California Democratic Party
At its Executive Board Meeting
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Hotel, San Diego
November 15, 2009

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