Honoring The Life And Career of Jerome (Jerry) Waldie

Resolution Number BRG09.22

Honoring The Life And Career of Jerome (Jerry) Waldie

WHEREAS, Jerome (Jerry) Waldie was born in Antioch, California, in 1925 and served in the U.S. Army for three years before earning a B.A. degree and a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley; and he was elected to the California Assembly in 1958 and became Majority Leader of the Assembly in 1961; and

WHEREAS, in 1966 Mr. Waldie won a special election to fill a vacant seat in the U.S. Congress, where he was an early critic of the Vietnam War and in 1973 changed history by introducing the Articles of Impeachment against President Richard Nixon, then in 1974 he returned to his law practice in California and also served on a number of commissions and boards, including the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, where he was a strong voice for farm workers’ rights; and

WHEREAS, on April 3, 2009, Jerry Waldie passed away at his home in Placerville, California, at the age of 84;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party honor Jerry Waldie for his dedication and service to his country, his state and to the Democratic Party.

Submitted by Senator John Burton (Ret.), Chairman of the California Democratic Party

* * *
Adopted by the Executive Board
Of the California Democratic Party
At its Executive Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame
July 19, 2009

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