Commend And Support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Call To Establish Legislative Commission To Investigate Wall Street

Resolution Number SAC09.72A

Commend And Support House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Call To Establish Legislative Commission To Investigate Wall Street

WHEREAS, the current systemic financial collapse created by the Bush economic policies is threatening the livelihood and economic prosperity of all American citizens, as well as forcing federal, state, and local governments to suffer an immense, and unexpected, budget crisis that threatens the very institutions of public service and the banking system they depend upon; and

WHEREAS, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have been working tirelessly to reverse the severe damage that has resulted and have made great strides; however, the American people have made it clear that they demand accountability and investigation into the causes and to make sure that anyone directly responsible for the economic crisis is brought before the necessary judicial recourse to answer for their crimes; and

WHEREAS, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, acknowledging that the financial collapse continues to be issue number one for citizens all across the country, has vowed to establish a legislative commission with broad oversight, to investigate any and all crimes and wrongdoing associated with this current financial collapse, with a goal toward preventing such a thing from ever happening again;

that the California Democratic Party commends and supports Speaker Pelosi for her pro-action in calling for such a committee, as well as her upcoming legislation on financial institution regulation and reform; and

that a copy of this Resolution shall be forwarded to the President of the United States, to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and to the members of the California Congressional Delegation.

Submitted by the CDP Resolutions Committee
Sponsored by Los Angeles Democratic Party; Mark Hull-Richter; Michael Aguirre;
Derek Casady (AD 75), Nancy Casady (AD 75), Michael Russell;
La Jolla Democratic Club, Dr. Michael McQuary, President

* * *

Adopted by the Executive Board
Of the California Democratic Party
At its Executive Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame
July 19, 2009

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