Statement: California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks Weighs in on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Announcement of Impeachment Proceedings

Sacramento, CA -  The following is a statement from California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that the Democratic House of Representative will move forward with an official impeachment inquiry:

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats made the difficult, but necessary decision to open an official impeachment inquiry of President Trump, who has repeatedly undermined his constitutional duties and put our Country at risk. 

This comes on the same day that the Republican-controlled United States Senate unanimously approved a resolution to carefully examine what the whistleblower has reported regarding the President’s alleged use of millions in foreign aid money to entice a leader of a foreign nation to engage in activities aimed at helping the President’s re-election campaign. 

I proudly served in our Armed Forces. Our foreign policy isn’t to be auctioned off for the benefit of anyone’s political campaign.

This behavior is unbecoming of a President. He must be held accountable for his lawlessness. No one is above the law, not even the President.”


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