Statement from Vice Chair Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker on Trump's Barbaric Detention of Children

Sacramento - California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman and Vice Chair Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker released the following statement in reaction to the mounting national outrage over Trump's detention and abuse of children at the border:

"The images of children screaming and begging for their parents, locked up in cages like animals will haunt our nation for generations – just as those images of Japanese Americans locked up in concentration camps continues to haunt us today. Trump is taking children hostage – a tactic even the Mafia wouldn’t embrace. These photos will be remembered in the sad annals of American tragedies alongside the slave trade and the Trail of Tears for the disgusting lack of humanity they sow. 

Kidnapping children and using them as political pawns is un-American. It goes against everything this country is supposed to stand for. It’s appalling on every possible level, beginning with our morals and our faith. We must oppose this policy as vocally and forcefully as an earlier generation spoke out against slavery. Democrats everywhere must call their Senators and Representatives to demand these children be reunited with their parents. History has shown us time and again that societies whither away to the dustbins of history when they stop caring for the safety and well-being of children. This is a moment where our basic humanity as a nation is on the line, and we must not fail." 

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