CDP Chair Statement on Net Neutrality; Announces Agreement on Moving Forward

CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to this week's committee vote on net neutrality in the California State Assembly Committee on Communications and Conveyance:

"The California Democratic Party has been clearly and strong in its support of net neutrality policies that keep the internet fair and freely accessible for all Californians, equally. Our platform calls for reclassification of ISPs as common carriers and urges the federal government to adopt the necessary rules and regulations to ensure fair and unrestricted access to the internet for everyone.

While the Party clearly supports net neutrality in concept, our legislation committee has not as yet had the opportunity to consider and take a position on any specific bill. Today I had the opportunity to meet with both Assembly Member Miguel Santiago and Senator Scott Wiener to discuss the issue and how it can be resolved in a way that satisfies and ensures we have openness and fairness in internet access for all Californians. I'm delighted to announce that both the Senator and Assembly Member have agreed to work together on this legislation with a goal of reaching a responsible agreement on language that satisfies the concerns of Democrats and all Californians for fair and open access to the internet.

I want to thank and commend both Assembly Member Miguel Santiago and Senator Scott Wiener for their strong and passionate commitment to achieving the best policy for all of us who live or work in the State of California."

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