CDP Chair Praises Life and Legacy of Ron Dellums

Los Angeles – California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to the news that former Oakland Mayor and member of the House of Representatives Ron Dellums passed away:

“Ron Dellums was one of the most fearless and iconic leaders in California’s history. From the moment he was elected to the Berkeley City Council, through his time in Congress and as Mayor of Oakland, he was a consistent and unflinching champion for the people most often left behind in our society, particularly young Black Men.

He was such a forceful opponent of the Vietnam War, Nixon put him on the 'enemies list'. He was such a righteous advocate against Apartheid, he convinced Congress to overturn Reagan’s veto of anti-Apartheid sanctions. And as Mayor of Oakland, co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus, Chair of the President’s Commission on HIV/AIDS, Berkeley City Councilmember or simply a private citizen, he was always a voice for compassion and justice towards those who are suffering. He was an outstanding Democratic leader who was truly ahead of his time on so many issues, and he will be greatly missed.” 

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