After Series of Outrageous Rulings, CDP Chair Denounces "Naked Partisan Enforcers" On Supreme Court


California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to an outrageous series of rulings by the United States Supreme Court:

"This week will be remembered as the week when the conservative justices of the Supreme Court turned the Court into just another arm of the Mitch McConnell/Donald Trump agenda. With the exception of the rabid pro-slavery majority in the years before the Civil War, we have never had a Supreme Court act like such naked partisan enforcers.  

In just a handful of days, this Court has ruled that pregnant women aren’t worthy of full disclosure or informed consent, that people of color aren’t worthy of having their voting rights protected, and that Muslims aren’t worthy of entering America, period. This is a shameful and deeply damaging series of rulings that nullifies the integrity of the Supreme Court as an institution of justice. 

California Democrats will continue to resist at every level. Our local and state officials have worked to shield Californians from every Trumpist assault on progress. Our grassroots activists have put the majority of House Republican seats in play. And we will look to ways to support Democrats in Nevada and Arizona as they capture the crucial US Senate seats that will take away Mitch McConnell’s ability to control the Supreme Court appointment process."

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