CDP Chair Announces Ban on Private Prison Contributions; Disgorgment of Previous Contribution


California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman announced today that the CDP will no longer be accepting contributions from companies or trade associations that operate private prisons, private detention centers or other incarceration services that should be provided by publicly-accountable government entities. Additionally, Chair Bauman announced that the contributions the Party has already received since his election as chair on May 21, 2017 will be donated to organizations fighting to assist and protect immigrants whose lives are being endangered by the policies of the Trump Administration and organizations dedicated to assist and rehabilitate people coming out of prison and looking to reestablish their lives.

“One of the most important issues to California Democrats is fundamental reform of our criminal justice system, particularly with respect towards the abuses and violations of constitutional rights that occur in private prisons. The private prison system represents so much of what is wrong with our criminal justice system, and accepting donations from companies that profit from the systemic injustices and suffering that results from them is incompatible with the values and platform of our Party.

That is why we will be declining further contributions from companies and trade groups associated with the private prison industry, and donating the contributions we have received in my tenure to organizations doing critical work to protect immigrants from the Trump administration or to support and rehabilitate recently incarcerated folks.

These contributions will be best utilized in support of the worthy causes we have identified, and our Party will be fundamentally better off without maintaining a financial relationship with those whose interests run counter to the values and integrity of the California Democratic Party. That is why we are disgorging the contributions we have received this year, and it’s why we are proud to support candidates who will champion reforms to the broken and abusive private prison system."

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