CDP Announces Donations to Human Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice Reform Organizations

Los Angeles – Following the July announcement that the California Democratic Party would no longer accept donations from businesses or trade associations connected to the private prison industry, CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman announced today the organizations to which CDP has donated the unsolicited contributions received during his tenure. The organizations work on a number of crucial issues, including protecting the rights of immigrants in detention, rehabilitating formerly incarcerated individuals as they transition out of the corrections system, and fighting constitutional abuses by the government.

“These are worthy groups that are doing righteous work. They will use these contributions to continue fighting the injustices and violation of rights that occur every day, just as we will keep fighting for candidates who will bring true reform to our broken criminal justice system,” said Chair Bauman. “California Democrats believe that reforming our criminal justice system is one of the most urgent moral challenges facing us, and the private prison industry represents the nexus of the worst, most unjust elements of the system. Accepting donations from these companies is not compatible with the values of our Party.”

The donations, totaling $90,000, were made to the following organizations:

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) – Southern California-based organization that provides legal services, community organizing and education for immigrants, and serves as a leading progressive policy voice in organizing and advocating for immigrant rights

Border Angels – San Diego-based volunteer organization providing support and relief for immigrants along the southern border, as well as community engagement and education and legal assistance for immigrants

Young Community Developers – San Francisco-based non-profit providing rehabilitation services for recently incarcerated youth, as well as workforce readiness training and inclusive services to remove educational and employment barriers for disenfranchised community residents

United Farm Workers Foundation – Leading statewide and national advocate for immigrant rights including direct legal representation for immigrants at the Bakersfield detention center, as well as advocating for immigration policy reform and fostering social and civic integration of immigrant communities

Homeboy Foundation – Los Angeles-based program with a nationally-recognized and replicated model for rehabilitating gang members and previously incarcerated individuals through education and workforce development training within a program that fosters a supportive and safe community among participants

Youth Justice Coalition – Los Angeles-based non-profit providing re-entry support and services for recently incarcerated youth, while also engaging in policy advocacy, community organizing and empowerment to fight injustices in the criminal justice system with a particular focus on the systemic racism and injustices faced by young People of Color

A New Way of Life Reentry Project – Southern California-based organization that provides multi-dimensional solutions to women transitioning out of incarceration that focuses on community reentry, family reunification and individual healing

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) – One of the nation’s largest and most prestigious civil rights and immigrant rights advocacy organizations, which promotes social change through advocacy, education and litigation in areas of education, employment, immigrant rights and political access

Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency – Bay Area-based organization devoted to providing transitional support and services for recently incarcerated individuals in service of its broader mission of helping people with disabilities and people experiencing poverty and homelessness achieve health and self-sufficiency, and advocating for policies to address the root causes of homelessness and poverty

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