California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus Chair Statement on Trump's Offshore Oil Drilling Announcement

California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus Chair RL Miller and the statewide officers of the California Democratic Party - Chair Eric C. Bauman, Vice Chairs Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker and Daraka Larimore-Hall, Secretary Jenny Bach and Controller Dan Weitzman - released a joint statement in response to the outrageous news that the Trump administration plans to open up virtually all United States waters to offshore oil drilling:

“California’s big blue wall of resistance doesn’t stop at the Pacific Ocean. We will ferociously protect our waters and coastline from exploitation and destruction by this short-sighted, spiteful regime intent on declaring war on California with an order that primarily targets our state and Florida.

We know, better than most, the consequences of oil spills. We know, better than most, the wildfires and droughts and other climate change consequences of burning of fossil fuels unchecked. California Democrats are resolute in opposing any oil drilling, period. We will explore all options available to protect our coast - starting by voting out every California Republican who fails to oppose this asinine scheme.”

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