Statement of California Democratic Party Chair on Senate's Approval of "Soak The Poor” Tax Bill

Los Angeles - California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement lambasting the Republican-controlled United States Senate for their passage 

"Today the Republican Senate handed Trump and his cronies an enormous personal payday that will cost poor and working class Americans their homes, their health, and their children’s future. 

"With this vote, 51 GOP Senators own this callous and calculated plan to soak the poor and shred the safety net.  And with more than a trillion dollars in federal deficits rung up by this tax bill, this is a reckless plan that will inevitably betray the GOP’s promises to protect Medicare and Social Security. This is truly “tinkle-down” economics at it's worst.

"California’s House members have shown they are wiling to sell out America’s interests by protecting Trump and his Russia collaborators.  Soon we will see if they force California’s seniors, workers, homeowners and taxpayers to sign an enormous check to make Trump richer."


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