Statement of California Democratic Party Chair on Compliance Review Commission Process

Today, the Compliance Review Commission reported on its ongoing exhaustive and unbiased review of the May 2017 vote for California Democratic Party Chair.  On behalf of all California Democrats, I sincerely thank the members of the commission who spent the last week thoroughly and fairly assessing each voter and each vote cast.

Throughout this process, the CRC has reinforced our Party’s commitment to integrity and transparency in elections.   The exhaustive review of more than 40,000 documents took place in the presence of observers for each of the three candidates for chair and under the direction of the CRC's independent legal counsel. 

Now, any interested party will have the opportunity to review the ballot review forms, know who voted for whom, and find out which documents are still under review.  Additionally, the CRC has invited anyone with additional information pertinent to the votes under review to bring it to the Committee’s attention.  All relevant information is posted online:

I look forward to the conclusion of the CRC process so that we may finally turn our full attention to enacting reforms for our Party and achieving our Blue vision for California and the nation.

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