Statement from California Democratic Party Chair On Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s Refusal to Cooperate with Trump Commission

Los Angeles—California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to the announcement that Secretary of State Alex Padilla is refusing to comply with the commission investigating unsubstantiated rumors of voter fraud being made by Donald Trump:
“Secretary of State Alex Padilla is to be applauded for calling out Donald Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ commission for what it really is: an enormous waste of time and money investigating something no rational person believes happened. This commission was created to justify Donald Trump’s insecurities about losing the popular vote by an unprecedented margin – thanks in part to his historic landslide rejection by California voters.
Let’s be clear: widespread voter fraud only exists in Donald Trump’s paranoid delusions. This Commission is an embarrassing example of the lengths Trump loyalists will go to avoid accepting reality. If this were a serious effort by the White House, the commission would be focused on expanding opportunities to vote and making sure that our systems are secure from interference from foreign or domestic bad actors. That’s precisely what California is doing, and we are proud of Secretary Padilla for fighting for the integrity of our elections. ”

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