Statement From California Democratic Party Chair on SB 54 Sanctuary State Agreement

Los Angeles - California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to the announcement that Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon and Governor Jerry Brown have reached agreement on final language for SB 54, Senator de Leon's legislation to make California a Sanctuary State:

"From the moment Donald Trump won the White House, California Democrats have been tirelessly working to protect and shield undocumented Californians from the federal Government. One of the cornerstones of that effort is SB 54 by Senator Kevin de Leon, and California Democrats are deeply grateful that he and Governor Brown have reached agreement on final language that ensures California’s law enforcement agencies are not used as instruments of federal immigration enforcement. Californians welcome our undocumented brothers and sisters, and the use of California’s peace officers against our own brothers and sisters would have been unconscionable and dangerously corrosive to the trust law enforcement needs from the community to keep Californians safe. This is a powerful message of inclusion and reassurance to Undocumented Californians, and I urge the Legislature to approve this bill as swiftly as possible.”

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