Statement by CDP Chair on Passing of Ambassador March Fong Eu

Los Angeles—California Democratic Party Chair Eric C. Bauman released the following statement in reaction to news of the passing of former California Secretary of State and United States Ambassador to Micronesia March Fong Eu: 

“Ambassador March Fong Eu was a pathfinder for generations of women and AAPI activists who had previously been excluded from the highest echelons of California state government. Her story was uniquely Californian – born behind a laundry, she worked as a dental hygienist before finding her calling in politics.

At a time when very few women and very few Chinese Americans held any elected office in California, she won election after election as a School Board Member, to the State Assembly and finally, five terms as Secretary of State. She forged a warm and lasting connection with Californians through her years of working hard to advance the causes she passionately believed in. Our thoughts and prayers are with her entire family, and all those who she inspired in her long career as a public servant.” 

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