Five years ago today, President Barack Obama signed the executive order implementing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to protect undocumented immigrants who had spent most, if not all, of their lives as Americans.

These are people who grew up in our communities, attended our schools and pledged allegiance to our flag as proud Americans. They should be welcomed as part of our country, not singled out for deportation back to countries they never knew, where they might not even speak the language.

DACA is a policy in keeping with America’s proud tradition of welcoming and embracing immigrants from around the world. But we know this is the most rabidly anti-immigrant White House in American history. And immigrants across the country are living in fear that this program—which is supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans—might be repealed by the Trump administration. With the stroke of a pen, thousands and thousands of Californians would suddenly be at risk for deportation.

That’s not just wrong—it’s cruel and heartless. California Democrats must commit to resisting any effort to repeal DACA. Please start by adding your name to this petition urging Congress to keep DACA.

We have proven that we can make progress when we make our voices heard – so let’s keep speaking out about this program that has not only protected over 800,000 Americans from being deported, but has allowed them to come out of the shadows and live their lives proudly and openly as Americans.

Please add your name to the petition to #SaveDACA today.

In Solidarity, 

Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, Vice Chair
California Democratic Party

Jenny Bach, Secrtary
California Democratic Party 

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