Our right to vote is under attack

Fifty-two years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law to protect voting rights for every American, especially African American voters in the South.

Today, our right to vote is under Republican attack like never before -- including by President Trump and his bogus “voter fraud” commission.

But California Democrats are fighting back, and our Secretary of State Alex Padilla is leading the charge.

President Trump created his delusional “voter fraud” commission after the election to justify his own insecurities after losing the popular vote by an unprecedented margin -- thanks in part to his landslide rejection by California voters.

What’s even more alarming is that Trump’s commission is using these groundless allegations of fraud as a smokescreen to request the personal information of every registered voter in California and across the country.

This is a transparent effort to disenfranchise voters and further suppress the vote, and Secretary of State Padilla has repeatedly denounced the commission's’ efforts and refused to share the information of California voters with Trump’s sham commission.

Led by Secretary of State Padilla, California Democrats will continue to fight back against any attempts of voter suppression by Republicans in Washington -- and we are hard at work expanding opportunities to vote in our great state.

Thank you for being a California Democrat and for being a part of this fight.

Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, Vice Chair 
California Democratic Party

Daraka Larimore-Hall, Vice Chair
California Democratic Party 

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