#MaulTheRecall Update - Meet Josh's Opponent

It's been clear all along that the Republican recall of Senator Josh Newman is a transparent and pathetic bid to regain relevance in the Legislature.

In just the last few months, they've been caught lying to voters and tricking people into signing fraudulent petitions. And they've been called out for their corrosive misuse of the process by media outlets across the state.

Now these ruthless, win-at-all-costs Republicans have a candidate to take on Senator Josh Newman in the recall -- Big Oil's favorite former Assemblymember, Ling Ling Chang.

Let's be clear: Ling Ling Chang doesn't fight for us or share our California values. Ling Ling Chang spent two years in the Assembly serving the worst of the Sacramento special interests:

  • Ling Ling Cares more about oil companies than she does about safe drinking water -- She took tens of thousands of dollars from oil and fracking companies while voting for their agenda in the Assembly. She even voted against testing residential well water for contamination from fracking.
  • Ling Ling Chang chooses Big Tobacco and the NRA over protecting kids -- She was Big Tobacco's best friend, taking thousands of dollars in contributions from tobacco companies and then consistently and shamelessly voting against anti-smoking legislation. And her record of standing up to the NRA to protect kids is just as bad. She voted to let gunmen carry concealed weapons in elementary schools and on college campuses.
  • Ling Ling Chang was one of the most aggressively anti-worker, pro-corporate votes in the Assembly -- She cast a heartless vote against allowing workers to take paid leave to care for sick and dying relatives.

The choice is crystal clear. Senator Josh Newman voted to fix our crumbling roads, guarantee every person in our state has quality health care, and ensure that veterans have the support and opportunities they have earned through their service.

Ling Ling Chang voted for the NRA, Big Tobacco, and Big Oil. And that's why voters rejected her for office in the last election.

We can't let another pro-billionaire Republican polluter steal this Senate seat from us.

Democrats must get organized and #MaulTheRecall.

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