Elections Tomorrow - Ways You Can Help

Tomorrow there will be critical elections throughout the country, and California Democrats can help our brothers and sisters in other states win some crucial victories!

The biggest contest is the down-to-the-wire race in Virginia, where Democrat Ralph Northam is fighting to retain the Governor’s office against a Republican candidate who has engaged in the worst kind of Trumpian race-baiting. The polls show a tight lead for Lt. Governor Northam, and we can't let the Republicans recapture this seat. 

Several other races will be decided tomorrow as well. In New Jersey, we have a great chance to recapture the Governor's mansion from Chris Christie's hand-picked successor. Out west, three Nevada state senators are facing recall elections, and California Democrats can make a difference in helping our next door neighbor stay bright blue. We also want to highlight our brothers and sisters in Washington and Utah who are fighting hard to win special elections in the Washington Senate, Washington House, and Utah 3rd Congressional District. 

California Democrats can make a difference in these races -- please see below for details on how you can help put our candidates over the top tomorrow.

Democrats on the ticket:

  • Ralph Northam for Virginia Governor - online phone bank here
  • Phil Murphy for New Jersey Governor - online phone bank here (Note: you will need to create a login) 
  • Sen. Joyce Woodhouse, Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro, Sen. Patricia Farley (I), Nevada Senate Recalls - phone bank here. (Note: you will need to create a login). 

Just a few phone calls can make the difference in these races. California Democrats have a great opportunity to help our brothers and sisters build up their Democratic Party and strengthen the resistance -- so let's step up and help Democrats across the country turn red seats blue this Tuesday.

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