California Democratic Party Selects Interim Communications Team

SACRAMENTO – Chair Eric C. Bauman announced that the California Democratic Party has selected Paschal | Roth Public Affairs to lead CDP’s communications with the media while a new staff team is selected.  

“I am excited that Paschal | Roth Public Affairs will help our California Democratic Party team get to work while our new slate of officers selects the staff who will position our Party for future victories,” Bauman said.

Led by partners Nikki Paschal and Mike Roth, Paschal | Roth is a leading communications strategy firm partnering with Democratic candidates, progressive causes, and organizations representing California’s working people to deliver victories for California’s blue values.  Paschal | Roth was the communications team behind the double-digit victory of the life-saving Prop 56 (2016), the first successful tobacco tax measure in two decades, and Prop 30 (2012), which has delivered billions of dollars in investment to California classrooms.  Their team also worked with the Fight for $15 to deliver a landmark wage boost to $15 for millions of workers and cement California’s leadership in the fight against income inequality.
“Mike Roth and Nikki Paschal bring a strong track record of landmark initiative and campaign wins to the CDP. I look forward to working with their team during this transition,” Bauman continued.

Mike Roth will be the CDP’s point of contact for media inquiries.

Mike Roth, 916.444.7170

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