California Democratic Party Chairman released the following statement commemorating Memorial Day

"Today, California Democrats honor the sacrifice of the military men and women who gave their lives for freedom, and their families who bear the scars of unimaginable loss.

"We are grateful to our military brothers and sisters stationed across the world today, facing danger so that we may live in peace.  May peace prevail and may war end so no more needlessly die.

"California Democrats honor the memory of those who died defending our freedoms by continuing the fight to achieve justice, equality, and inclusion here at home."

State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) added:

"Americans owe a debt of gratitude to our nation's fallen heroes.  Their sacrifice means the United States is still the brightest beacon of hope to refugees and oppressed people around the world.  Memorial Day is a time for Americans to stand together as one body, as one American family and say thank you."

Newman is a veteran who served as an officer in the United States Army and is founder of ArmedForce2Workforce, a non-profit initiative to assist young veterans in the pursuit of rewarding, career-oriented employment.

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