Statement of Michael Eggman on Trump's Visit in Central Valley

SACRAMENTO – Tomorrow Donald Trump is expected to fundraise in California’s Central Valley. Michael Eggman, a 3rd generation local farmer and candidate for Congress in California’s 10th Congressional District (Modesto) released the statement below in advance of Trump’s visit:

“Billionaire Donald Trump isn’t welcome here in the Central Valley, and neither are his supporters like millionaire Congressman Jeff Denham.

“Simply put, Trump doesn’t understand the needs of the Valley and his dangerous and reckless policies would hurt our families. We need to boost our economy and bring jobs here, not give tax breaks to the wealthy like Jeff Denham. We need to address our crippling drought, not deny its existence. We need a pathway to citizenship for the hardworking families here who just want a better life, not mass deportation.

“It’s time for the Central Valley and California to reject Trump and anyone who supports him.”

Eggman’s opponent, millionaire Congressman Jeff Denham, is a Trump supporter who even boasted about helping Trump secure a government contract for his new DC hotel, blocks from Denham’s own luxury condo. Denham claimed the Trump hotel would be good for the “local” economy – DC’s, not the Central Valley’s economy.

Trump’s divisive campaign has helped Democrats surge to an 18-point voter registration edge over Republicans statewide, and to move ahead in battleground districts like CA 10, where Democrats lead Republicans by 121,256 voters to 117,963 as of July 7.


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