Statement of California Democratic Party Senior Strategist Shawnda Westly on Congressional Republicans’ Support for Trump

Donald Trump’s vile comments about sexual assault of women have finally stirred some Republicans into denouncing him. Weren’t they listening when Trump called women “dogs,” or when Trump said a TV interviewer was asking him tough questions because “she had blood coming out of her wherever,” or when Trump spread a lie that a Venezuelan Miss Universe winner he had called “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” had made a sex tape in order to discredit her.

Democrats have been sounding the alarm about Trump’s derogatory views on women since he entered the race, but California Republicans running for Congress have come to his defense again and again. The clock ran out long ago on Darrell Issa, Jeff Denham, Steve Knight, David Valadao, Scott Jones, Denise Gitsham, Justin Fareed, and many more who refused to stand up to Trump despite his long record as a misogynist.

Every voter deserves to know where the Republicans stand on Trump and his anti-woman platform, and every Congressional Republican candidate in California will have to live with their failure of courage on Election Day – and long afterward.


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