Statement of California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon on National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month starts today, and it has never been more important to celebrate the contributions of everyone who lives in California.

In his campaign for president, Republican nominee Donald Trump has unleashed a spirit of hatred. His promises to deport millions of people threaten our families and communities, and his dangerous rhetoric pits immigrants and non-immigrants against each other.

As a California Democrat, I know that we are stronger when we are united. I celebrate my Hispanic heritage, and I celebrate California's diversity that makes our state great.

People of Hispanic and Latino heritage continue to face a unique set of obstacles here in California and across the country.

As Speaker of the Assembly, I work for all Californians. That's why I'm proud the Legislature passed landmark legislation for cleaner air in our poorest communities, expanded parental leave, approved a $15 minimum wage, increased the state earned income tax credit, and righted a 77-year wrong when we passed overtime for farm workers.

Together, we are putting more diplomas into the hands of California college students and taking dangerous firearms out of the hands of criminals.

But we must continue to fight for opportunities for our children, for job security and fair wages, and for the ability to vote without intimidation. Together, we will continue to build California.


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