Marco Rubio Walks Out on Florida Again in California Fundraising Swing

SACRAMENTO – Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign was declared dead before the California primary, but he is trying to revive his Senate campaign this week with the same out-of-touch ideas on a fundraising trip in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Rubio would be another vote in the Senate for a Trump agenda on denying climate change science, failing to move ahead on immigration reform, and rolling back gun safety laws.

"It’s a sign Rubio is in trouble if he has to come 3,000 miles away to raise money in California," said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. "He’s walked out on Florida so many times, no wonder the people who know him best are getting tired of him."

Rubio endorsed Donald Trump while also saying he stands by the things he said during the campaign, when he called Trump “dangerous” and said he couldn’t be trusted with the country’s nuclear weapons codes.


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