Final Registration Report Shows 1 Million Voter Swing to California Democrats

SACRAMENTO – The California Secretary of State released the final report of voter registration before the November 8 election showing that 8.7 million are now registered as Democrats, a 1 million voter gain since 2012 over the California Republican Party.

The surge of new and reregistered voters pushed Democrats’ edge over Republicans to 19 points and swelled overall registration to 19.4 million voters. Since 2012, Democrats have added 753,995 voters to a total of 8,720,417 and Republicans have lost 308,210 voters to fall to 5,048,398. 

"Trump and the Republicans keep saying our elections are ‘rigged,’ but California voters are proving that our democracy has never been stronger by registering in record numbers to vote on November 8," said Michael Soller, Communications Director for the California Democratic Party. "California voters can reject Republicans’ election lies and suppression tactics with record turnout on Election Day." 

With Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy and record-breaking California voter registration, this is an election of firsts:

  • First-time voters now number nearly 3.2 million, more people than the total population of 21 states.
  • First election year to reach more than 5 million new and reregistered voters since January 1 (total: 5,353,812).
  • First election where millennial voters surpassed both Generation X and Baby Boomers, according to Political Data Inc.

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