California Democrats Release Economic Emergency Guide for Republican Presidential Candidates

SACRAMENTO – The California Democratic Party released an “economic emergency guide” comparing the record of Governor Jerry Brown to his Republican predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guide is a reminder to GOP presidential candidates attending the California Republican Party Convention in Burlingame to stick to the facts about California’s economic recovery since Gov. Brown was reelected in 2010.

“Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and hard-right Republicans in the Legislature left California with schools ranked 50th in the nation in funding, a state budget 100 days overdue, and the nation’s worst credit rating,” said California Democratic Party Senior Strategist Shawnda Westly. “It will be entertaining to watch Donald Trump and the Republicans squirm away from the success that Governor Brown and California Democrats have had in balancing our state’s budget and President Obama has had with 73 straight months of private sector job growth. But California voters know which party they’d rather have on their side in an economic crisis.”

Click here to download the Economic Emergency Guide (pdf)

Economic Emergency Guide

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