Statement of California Democratic Party Veterans Caucus Chair Lawson Stuart on Memorial Day

There is tomb in Arlington National Cemetery, that while famous, many know very little about.  

Those who guard it year round, 24 hours a day, do not brag about this sacred service. In fact, those who endeavor to guard the tomb commit, not only to a vow of silence for the first six months, but they also give up drinking and swearing for the rest of their lives.  The few who are chosen feel that they are incredibly fortunate to even be considered for this amazing duty.  It is indeed a privilege, for they are the guardians of the Tomb of the Unknowns - a monument that honors and represents the most sacred and ultimate sacrifice any military member can make for our country - the sacrifice of even an identity by which to be mourned.

No one knows the names of all who lie in eternal slumber inside the Tomb, but we do know that their patriotism and selflessness were so abundant, that they gave up everything to ensure our country persevered. They represent, in death more so than in life, the ultimate sacrifice.

As we celebrate another Memorial Day with friends and family, I ask that we take time to remember and honor those who have paid the highest price to ensure that we can enjoy freedom throughout the year. 




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