Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on Success of Endorsed Democratic Party Candidates in 2014 Primary Election

While votes are still being tallied, it's important to note that in contests where the State Party's delegates endorsed a candidate, those candidates performed exceedingly well. In fact, 96% of candidates endorsed by the California Democratic Party moved past the primary election and will be on the ballot in November - that's an extraordinary success rate.

These candidates' success rate speaks to the importance of the Democratic Party's endorsement in the era of the "Top Two" Primary.

Below is a tally of the performance of endorsed candidate in the 2014 primary election:

Statewide candidates
Endorsed: 9   | Moving on: 9

Congressional candidates
Endorsed: 50 | Moving on: 49

State Senate candidates
Endorsed: 16 | Moving on: 15

State Assembly candidates
Endorsed: 63 | Moving on: 60

TOTAL Endorsed: 138
TOTAL Moving on: 133



For a complete list of endorsed California Democratic Party candidates moving on to the 2014 general election click here (endorsed candidates moving on are highlighted in blue).




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