Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on NRCC Chairman Greg Walden's Fundraising Swing Through California

We'd like to welcome Rep. Greg Walden, Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, to California where he's hoping to raise campaign cash for the latest crop of Republican Congressional candidates.

We can only assume that along with some fundraising help, Chairman Walden is also teaching this group of Republican candidates how to privatize social security 1, protect  "Golden Parachutes" for CEOs2 and defund Planned Parenthood.3

Walden and the Republican candidates operating in swing districts shouldn't get too comfortable here as Democrats are on alert and ready to defend our recent Congressional pickups and press ahead in areas traditionally thought of as "safe" for Republicans.



1Rep. Walden supported President George W. Bush's plan to privatize Social Security by voting against an amendment that would have stopped the White House from implementing the privatization plan being developed by Bush's Social Security Commission.
2In March 2012, Walden voted against an amendment to strike language from a bill [H.R. 3606] protecting "golden parachutes" for corporate executives.
3Rep. Walden voted against federal funding for Planned Parenthood twice in 2011 (February and April).



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