Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on GOP Controller Candidate Ashley Swearengin's Atrocious Fiscal Record

It comes as no surprise that Republican candidate for Controller Ashley Swearengin is running from her title and record as Mayor of Fresno. 

During her tenure as Mayor of Fresno, Swearengin's solution to her city's water troubles was to ask city residents to bear the brunt, by doubling water rates. The city then sued to keep residents from bringing a referendum on the rate increase to the ballot.

Among the nation's 250 largest cities, Fresno currently ranks nearly last for cash-on-hand, yet she has spent over $400,000 in taxpayer funds on ongoing lawsuits to keep a referendum on the water rate hike off the ballot.

Swearengin's limited experience only highlights how under-qualified she is to be handed the keys to our economy.

If Ashley Swearengin didn't make the right choices for Fresno's city budget of $1 billion, how can we trust her to make the right choices as administer for the eighth largest economy in the world? If she can't be trusted to do what's right for the people of her city, how can we trust her to do what's right for all of us? 

The Controller's office is not a training ground, or a good title on a political resume. Swearengin's bad judgment would damage our economy and hurt California families.






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