Statement of California Democratic Party Veterans Caucus Chair Lawson Stuart on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a unique holiday for the nation and our beloved state. It is a time for celebration, yet also for remembrance. A time for joy and laughter, but also for solemnity and quiet reflection. Striking the balance is one of the most important things we can do during this sacred day. 

Taking the time to celebrate is the easiest part. We spend time with our families, enjoy the outdoors and eat delicious barbecue. Why is this part important? Because we are taking the time to ensure that we are celebrating the freedoms we have been given through the sacrifices of those we keep the day for. After all, what is the point of sacrificing for freedom if no one is to enjoy it? 

Taking the time to remember the day is harder, and often overlooked all together. But know this: If you do not take the time to remember, it doesn't mean others are not. The families of those lost remember. The comrades in arms who watched their friends lose their lives remember. The team that carried the casket and laid to final rest another fallen hero remember.

We too should remember. Even if only for a quiet half hour, a conversation with your children or a trip to that neighbor who knows the loss all too well. Remember - celebrate, but remember why.






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