Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on California Congressional Republicans' Vote for Extremist Ryan House Budget

Congressional Republicans in California continue to demonstrate whose side they are on and it's not on the side of the middle class. In voting for the radical Paul Ryan budget, which includes massive tax giveaways for the wealthy even as it raises taxes on the middle class and slashes critical services, California's Congressional Republicans have decided once again to protect the wealthy while leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

If enacted, the Ryan budget will bring real, tangible harm to the people of California. Seniors in particular, would be vulnerable:

  • Over 5 million California seniors would be forced out of traditional Medicare and into a voucher program created by the Ryan budget.
  • More than 3.5 million California seniors would be forced to pay for preventive health services.
  • Almost 300,000 California seniors would start to pay higher prescription drug costs, next year.
  • California seniors would face $56.5 billion cuts in health care, elimination home nursing care.

All so that millionaires and billionaires can collect another tax break.

The Ryan budget is cruel, short-sighted and was resoundingly rejected by American voters last year. Unfortunately, California's Congressional Republicans seem more interested in towing John Boehner and Paul Ryan's line than in standing up for their constituents who would be hurt by this budget plan.

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