Statement of CDP Veterans Caucus Chair Rick Reyes on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is usually associated with the beginning of summer, trips to the lake for boating, and fishing, visits to the neighborhood park for softball, and barbecues, and special sales at the nearby used auto car mall.
Far too often we forget the real significance of Memorial Day, and while time with family and community is important, we must remind ourselves of the Holiday's true meaning.  For our veterans and military families, Memorial Day does not occur once a year-for some, we will spend the rest of our lives remembering those who gave their lives to a cause greater than ourselves.
Our community has families that have suffered a loss of a parent, or child, and veterans struggling with ‘survivor's guilt' a condition caused by post traumatic stress. Memorial Day is meant to honor the memory and commitment our men and women made in defense of our American values. We honor their memory by strengthening our communities and families, because in the end, our community and families are what our fallen men and women gave their lives to protect.


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