Statement of California Democratic Party Communications Director Tenoch Flores in Response to Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack's Assertion That Native American Tribes Were "Pushed" to Express Offense at Attack Ads in CA-36

Mary Bono Mack has further cemented her reputation as a "say anything to get elected" politician in the vein of Mitt Romney whose campaign she chairs here in California. In only the latest example, Bono Mack has made bizarre claims that area Native American tribes - the same tribes that expressed offense after seeing Bono Mack's vicious attack ads - were somehow "pushed by the Democrats" to express concern over the offensive ads. 

The idea that sovereign tribes would be "pushed" by anyone or anything other than Bono Mack's own offensive smear ads is absurd on its face.

Mary Bono Mack is facing the toughest challenge she's faced in her fourteen years as an incumbent. Her desperation became apparent the moment she decided to attack the Democratic candidate Dr. Raul Ruiz for protesting on behalf of Native Americans and advocating for Native American peoples as a college student. 





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