Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on the First 2012 Presidential Debate Between President Obama and Mitt Romney

Voters tuning in tonight witnessed a contrast in visions for moving our country forward. President Obama offered clear, concrete plans for continuing to build an economy where all Americans prosper and have access to opportunity, while Mitt Romney simply offered a return to the broken policies that caused the great crash.

Without hesitation, or regard for American history, Romney doubled-down on the same Republican ideas that allowed Wall Street free rein and previously left Americans at the mercy of health insurance companies.

The President stood firm and spoke directly to voters about moving forward together, with a plan that expands our economy from the middle out; while Romney tried to run from his $5 trillion proposed tax cut favoring the wealthy and refused to provide details on how he would accomplish his policy goals.

Tonight it's one down, two to go for President Obama and the Democrats.


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