Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton in Support of President Obama's Economic Vision Laid Out In Cleveland Speech Today

President Obama today in Cleveland laid out a crystal clear vision of how we can keep our country moving forward toward an economy built to last, not one that rewards the 1% while the rest of America gets left behind.
The President is right: our economic strength will grow from our middle class up. Governor Romney and the Republicans in Congress are wrong. They believe that the best way to grow the economy is to continue to reward those who have the most in the hopes that pennies trickle down to the middle class and to those who continue to feel the effects of the Bush economic legacy.
The American middle class has seen their wages plummet and their economic security destabilized by disastrous conservative policies that have been tried and have failed us time and again.
As Democrats we believe America prospers when people have good jobs here at home, when responsibility is rewarded, and when everyone gets a fair shot. The last thing we need is billions of dollars in tax breaks for the big corporations.
By contrast Mitt Romney and the House Republicans continue to push for a budget-busting 25 percent tax cut for the wealthiest among us and are calling for us to once again let Wall Street write its own rules.
This election, the American people will get to choose which path we will take together.  It's a choice between whether we go forward together with President Obama or go back to the failed Bush policies with Mitt Romney.  Democrats will work hard to make sure that voters know the President is on their side come November.

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