Statement of California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Chair Clark Lee on 30th Anniversary of Vincent Chin's Passing

California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus State Chair Clark Lee released the following statement on the 30th anniversary of Vincent Chin's passing, victim of a heinous hate crime:

"On behalf of the California Democratic Party Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, we solemnly remember Vincent Chin, victim of a brutal hate crime, who perished in Detroit thirty years ago this week just days before what would have been his wedding day.

"Vincent Chin's story is an important reminder that even as America and California make tremendous progress in curbing hate crimes in the last thirty years, we still have a long road ahead.

"As we treasure our diversity in the Golden State, we must not forget the lessons of history and make sure that this type of tragedy and injustice is not repeated.  Discrimination, prejudice, and hatred have no place in America.

"We must remain committed to embrace diversity, promote tolerance, and fight for equality and justice for all."




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