California Democratic Party Launches Website Dedicated to Exposing Voting Records of Vulnerable GOP Incumbents Running for Congress in California features latest news stories and stat sheets on five California House Republicans

Sacramento - The California Democratic Party today unveiled a new website targeting vulnerable House Republican incumbents running for re-election in California. The site features the latest news stories and stat sheets exposing the voting records of five incumbent Republican House members seeking re-election.

All five of the House Republicans profiled on the site voted to end Medicare by siding with Paul Ryan and voting for the House Republican budget. The five House Republicans featured on the site are:

Dan Lungren (CA-07) - Lungren was first elected to Congress in 1978, and now represents the east Sacramento suburbs. A fixture in California political circles for decades, Lungren has ingratiated himself to lobbyists and developed a brazen sense of entitlement over his many years in Washington.

Jeff Denham (CA-10) - a member of the freshman Tea Party class of 2010, Denham quickly became comfortable with the trappings of power after arriving in Washington, D.C. So comfortable in fact that he threw an $80,000 lobbyist bash and fundraiser for himself a full day before he was officially sworn in as a member of the new Congress.

Mary Bono-Mack (CA-36) - Bono-Mack has been taking care of her well-connected friends  in Washington and California since she made her way to Congress in 1998. This year, she's carved out a role as Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's top female surrogatein California, defending the candidate's retrograde positions on equal pay and contraception.

Gary Miller (CA-31) - Gary Miller doesn't have many strong suits - the FBI investigated Miller for a series of land transactions he used to dodge paying capital gains taxes - and was recently caught goofing off on camera, fumbling through his campaign slogans and frequently turning to his handlers for advice on how to appear authentic. It's no surprise that Miller's new San Bernardino district will present a tough challenge for the Orange County Republican.

Brian Bilbray (CA-52) - Brian Bilbray has consistently sided with the most extreme elements of the House Republican leadership, including voting for the Paul Ryan budget to end Medicare. As a result of re-districting Bilbray finds himself in a less conservative district and will no doubt spend considerable effort masking his Tea Party credentials.

"The battle to win back the House begins and ends in California," said Tenoch Flores, communications director for the California Democratic Party. "From siding with the Tea Party, voting to end Medicare, to protecting tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires, these Republican candidates are wrong for California. House Republicans are in peril in the Golden State and we're confident 2012 will be the year voters here decide they've had enough of the extremist Republican agenda in Washington."

The site will serve as a clearinghouse for news stories and up to the minute information on the candidates with frequent updates and guest bloggers as well.





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