California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton Congratulates Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz on His Thunderously Underwhelming U.S. Senate Victory in Texas

Political pundits and professional prognosticators are abuzz over Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz’s victory in Texas’ U.S. Senate primary election Tuesday night. Apparently the pundits never bothered to check the voter turnout numbers, which were less than 9% total.

Anyone who can carry a victory with less than 5% of his or her state’s registered voters ought to be proud and we congratulate Mr. Cruz on his “victory.” We can’t wait to hear what kind of ideas spring forth from a candidate who enjoys the support of 5% of the electorate.

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Background: Overall turnout in the Texas primary on Tuesday was 8.5%. Ted Cruz won 631,316 votes which amounts to 4.8% of registered voters in Texas.

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