California Democratic Party Announces Endorsements for November Ballot Propositions

Anaheim – The California Democratic Party’s Executive Board today announced the Party’s endorsements for the November ballot propositions. Executive Board members voted to endorse the following positions:

Yes on Proposition 30
Protects funding for schools and local public safety

No on Proposition 31
Locks California into permanent underfunding of education, health, and other vital services 

No on Proposition 32
Creates special exemptions for billionaires and Super PACs allowing them to buy elections 

No on Proposition 33
Auto insurance rate hike 

Yes on Proposition 34
Repeals death penalty and replaces with life without parole

Yes on Proposition 35
Increases penalties for human trafficking

Yes on Proposition 36
Reforms “Three Strikes” law

Yes on Proposition 37
Labeling of genetically engineered foods

No on Proposition 38
Munger initiative

Neutral on Proposition 39
Adjusts taxes for multi-state corporations to fund clean energy programs

Yes on Proposition 40
Referendum on State Senate district boundaries

“We have a real fight on our hands in California this year but Democrats are prepared to dig deep and work hard to win,” said California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton. “If Prop 32 were to pass, it would effectively silence the voice of working families at the ballot box while giving corporate interests and billionaire businessmen free rein to exert even more influence on our political system. We’re not going to let that happen.”

“In addition, we’re going to work hard to pass Proposition 30 to prevent further cuts to education and local public safety,” said Burton.

The Executive Board members also selected California’s DNC members for the 2012-2016 term.  Click here for a list of the results of the DNC member elections.


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