Statement of California Democratic Party Women's Caucus Chair Christine Pelosi on Women's Equality Day

Today on Women's Equality Day as America celebrates the 91st birthday of the 19th Amendment, California Democratic Women celebrate having our voices heard at the ballot box and our seats at the leadership table. We are proud that California led the way by passing women's voting rights laws 100 years ago -- nine years before the 19th Amendment. Over 8.8 million women in California are able to cast our votes today because legions of women -- and men -- fought, marched, even suffered for the right to vote. The suffragettes of yesteryear, the activists of today, and the rising stars of tomorrow are connected in our commitment to the principle that women and men are equal.

Today over 4 million California Democratic women voters are making history. We are choosing presidents, transforming society, and electing outstanding national leaders including the first woman Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and United States Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

Inspired by the suffragette spirit, we will continue to promote the vote and fight to protect the vote. We encourage all citizens 18 and over to register and vote. We oppose ill-conceived attempts to drown out our voices with corporate cash or voter suppression that would stop women from participating in America's civic sacrament.

We believe that best way to honor the 19th Amendment is to lift the voices of all voters, ensure that every voter who can vote does vote, and that every ballot is counted as cast. We will never take our votes for granted.

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