Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on Today's House GOP Budget Vote - The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer and the Middle Class Goes Down the Drain

The House GOP budget would cut corporate and personal income taxes for the rich and for the oil companies while slashing health care and education funding.

All 19 of California's Republican Congressional members today voted for cuts that would end Medicare as we know it, cut Social Security, and ultimately hurt the most vulnerable among us: seniors and children.

The Republican members of California's Congressional Delegation today showed they are but Lemmings to the most extreme members of the GOP, happy to follow the Tea Party as they jump off a cliff.

We would be content to watch the Republicans plunge to their political demise but for the fact their actions threaten to hurt so many others along the way.

A real budget would raise taxes on the very rich who can most afford it and end tax subsidies for oil multi-nationals and drug companies, while protecting Medicare, funding education and investing in meaningful job creation.

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