Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on Loss of 74,000 Jobs As Result of Republican-driven FAA Partial Shutdown

Seventy-four thousand Americans, including seventy thousand private sector employees such as construction workers and four thousand federal employees, are out of work as a result of the Congressional Republicans' refusal to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration extension bill.

Here in California, airport construction projects in San Jose, Oakland and Palm Springs are on hold because of the GOP's radical actions and unyielding philosophy that borders on the mentally unstable. Hundreds of Californians have now been furloughed and told there won't be work for them until the Republicans reauthorize FAA funding.\xe2\x80\xa8 

The GOP owes thousands of Americans, and hundreds of Californians, an apology and explanation because their rigid philosophy has literally cost Californians their jobs and may even compromise air safety.\xe2\x80\xa8 


FAA funding standoff leaves airport projects in limbo

Work On New Palm Springs Airport Tower Stopped

Bay Area airport construction workers lose work after Congress fails to renew FAA funding


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