Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on California GOP's Refusal to Compromise in State Budget Negotiations

California continues to face its greatest crisis in decades and even with the prospect of greater cuts to schools, public safety and services for the disabled, the GOP refuses to give any ground to help close our budget gap and give people a chance to vote on a solution.

Governor Brown and Democrats in the legislature went more than halfway in meeting the Republicans by making deep cuts to higher education, services to the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. These programs are the mainstay of the Democratic Party. In exchange, all the GOP had to do was allow the Governor's package to go before the voters of California but they couldn’t even bring themselves to do that.

The California Republican Party and its leadership are fundamentally incapable of putting politics aside, even with the future of our state on the line.

It's for this reason that Governor Brown, Democrats and Independents in California and whatever is left of the reasonable side of the Republican electorate must push forward to find a solution.

Californians must have a say in determining the future of their state and we cannot abdicate that future to a disintegrating California Republican Party that lost every single statewide election and is determined to hold the state hostage using the remaining lawmakers they have.

Republicans in the legislature have made themselves clear: our state cannot depend on them in our moment of need. For once, we would be wise to listen to their message and push on without them.

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