Statement of California Democratic Chairman John Burton on House GOP Vote to Eliminate Prevention and Public Health Fund in Affordable Care Act

In their latest inspiration of wisdom, House Republicans have declared war on the concept of preventive medicine itself -- voting to cut a ten year, $15 billion investment in programs that fight obesity, promote better nutrition, and reduce smoking.

Chronic and preventable diseases continue to drive up Americans' health care costs. Anyone with basic math competency can understand that we will save money by preventing heart disease, lung cancer, and diabetes in the first place.

These Republicans seem intent on confirming every known caricature about them as they plow forward, blindly cutting at programs that will make Americans safer and healthier and even save costs in the long run.

Fighting preventable diseases in order to save lives and save costs should not be a partisan issue but I’m afraid common sense, to say nothing of common decency, is beyond the grasp of this House Republican majority.

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