Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on Carly Fiorina's Attempt to Discredit Senator Boxer's Success In Saving 16,500 Teachers' Jobs in California

Fiorina is absolutely wrong to suggest that the federal funding that Senator Boxer fought for in order to keep 16,500 California teachers on the job should go anywhere other than to keep teachers in the classroom.  We would expect nothing less from Fiorina, who laid off 30,000 Americans at Hewlett-Packard and shipped American jobs overseas.

Barbara Boxer has been fighting to bring jobs and federal assistance to California, she secured $2.25 billion in funding California’s High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project, which is projected to generate as many as 450,000 permanent statewide jobs.

Californians know they can depend on a champion like Barbara Boxer to continue to fight on the side of working families and to make sure our state gets its fair share of federal dollars.

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